The Comedy Wibble Animated Sketch Show



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Hello fellow


Thank you for visiting The Comedy Wibble website

​A little about me.

My name is Sean and I dwell in the Northeast of the UK.

I'm a stand up comedian and actor type of guy some of my that can be found on my other website

I created The Comedy Wibble sketch show in lockdown 2020.

To keep my  brain occupied  and also to try to entertain others who were/are in the same predicament as myself or worse.

 I like comedy that you can't second guess so this is surreal or alternative whatever people call it these days.

 Its all animated and  there's no swearing so you can watch with your kids.

The first one is up on YouTube already as of the 10/05/2020.

Its called The Comedy Wibble in Isolation.

It's 25 minutes long but you can also watch the sketches individually if you haven't got the time to watch it all. 

If you like what you see come back another time and watch the rest also tell friends about it. 

Surrealism isn't for everyone but if you like comedy shows such as Monty Python, The Young Ones or the Mighty Boosh I think you will enjoy the Comedy Wibble. Or at least some of it and hopefully the rest will grow on you after the initial. What the hell is the about thoughts. 

Hope you're all safe out there and thanks for visiting.

Links to the first show and clips  on this website below.

If you enjoy them please follow my you tube page for up dates of new sketches.


The Comedy Wibble In Isolation

Full program link.

Single Sketches Below